MS HD Power MS-40PUK 4mm sq. power cable, UK 13A plug to IEC, Rhodium

High-Current capability, fully shielded UK 2 Mtr. long Power Cable

A cable designed for use with power hungry amplifiers, or to feed your distribution block from the wall.

The MS-40PUK power cable uses three x 4mm² stranded 6N OFC wires, all '925' pure Silver Plated, and shielded to prevent environmental RFI/EMI interference. The cable inc. plugs is 2.0Mtrs. long.

The plugs used are Rhodium plated MS328 UK mains plug (with silver fuse) and the MS9315 IEC plug, offering excellent grip onto equipment socket pins.

The cable is fully compliant with the relevant British Standards.

With a retail price of £339.95p it represents astonishingly good value for a high quality, high capability cable designed for high end audio and A/V use.

It is also available to special order with EU Schuko (MS-40R EU) and US (MS-40PUL) type plugs.