Vinyl Lovers 'This is the Modern World', The Jam

Limited edition re-issue LP, including 8 bonus tracks.

Price: £18.90

The band's second album, released in 1977 just after their debut record. Despite little critical acclaim at the time, the album does have its shining moments ("Life From a Window" and "The Modern World", for example). It is also interesting as a piece of history for its lyrical content, which, as the album's title promised, is a snapshot of a day in the life of the declining British Empire during the late 1970s.

This new limited re-issue from Vinyl Lovers includes 8 bonus tracks from the BBC sessions, including 'In The City' *.

Track list:

Side 1
1 The Modern World

2 London Traffic

3 Standards

4 Life From A Window

5 The Combine

6 Don't Tell Me You're Sane

7 In The City *

8 Art School *

9 I've Changed My Address * 

10 The Modern World *

Side 2 

1 In The Street Today

2 London Girl

3 I Need You (For Someone)

4 Here Comes The Weekend

5 Tonight At Noon

6 In The Midnight Hour

7 All Around The World *

8 London Girl *

9 Bricks And Mortar *

10 Carnaby Street *